Dreamhacks - hosted by Dreamwidth.org

You've reached hack.dreamwidth.net. This is where we offer Dreamhacks - installations of Dreamwidth specifically for DW developers and designers, set up for you and ready to go.


The Dreamwidth code is, at present, not the easiest code in the world to install. We recognise that, and although we're working on making it easier, we also provide this service to allow developers and designers to make changes without having to install the code themselves. Also, not everyone has a 64-bit environment to hand, which is necessary for Dreamwidth to work properly.

What does the service include?

You get your own installation of Dreamwidth, accessible on the Web at an address like http://www.exampleusername.hack.dreamwidth.net/. The code is up-to-date at the time of installation, but if you wish to keep it up to date, you must do so yourself.

You also get an SSH login to the server, to allow you to run scripts, create patches, and so on.

Who runs this service?

This service is currently run by [personal profile] mark. For more information, visit the Maintainers page.

The Dreamhack service was built and maintained for many years by [personal profile] sophie. Thank you!

How can I apply for a Dreamhack?

Go to the Apply page and fill in the application form.