List of Dreamhacks

The following Dreamhacks are in use on this system. Note that if a particular Dreamhack is not linked, that means that that Dreamhack's Apache instance is not currently running.

If you have a Dreamhack and want to include a description of what you're doing on this page, simply create a file called .plan in your home directory and put your description in that file. It'll automatically be included on this page.

NameDW / LJ / IRC NameURL
Alierak[info]alierak / [info]alierak
Cesy[info]cesy / [info]cesy
Daily Snapshot

Daily Snapshot's .plan:

This Dreamhack account is automatically rebuilt every day at 12:30am GMT from the latest code. It has open account creation, and the system password is 'system'. Nothing you do here is permanent, so feel free to abuse it.

Amy[info]geekgirl / [info]ashestothestars
kaberett/Alex[info]kaberett / [info]kaberett
Kareila[info]kareila / [info]kareila
Ruth[info]momijizukamori / [info]momijizukamori
Leah-Nani[info]nanila / [info]nanila
NightFlyer[info]apparentparadox / [info]apparentparadox
Pau Amma[info]pauamma
Chris Boyle[info]shortcipher
Sophie[info]sophie / [info]soph
Joan T[info]wohali
wychwood[info]wychwood / [info]wychwood